We are a global community driving leadership and culture transformation dedicated to solving the BIG, urgent challenges of our time across individual, organizational, and societal levels. Our approach is deeply human, rooted in research, scalable, and systemic.

We’re experts in creating thriving cultures by changing the way people think about, interact, and connect with one another.

In response to a disruptive era marked by social, racial, personal, and economic challenges, we’ve developed innovative methods and tools (both live and virtual) to help you create an aspirational environment.

the purpose of Meaning is fulfilled through three distinct lenses:

We believe that focusing on the well-being of your culture is the key to today’s biggest challenges.
Most organizational obstacles arise from blind spots that prevent us from fully appreciating each other’s unique journeys. We facilitate significant moments of self-discovery, which can change individual and team results.

We train you to sustain your own progress after we’re gone.
We lay a foundation, teaching people how to change their culture, starting from the top down. This sustainable change attracts like-minded people who enhance the environment, creating a cycle of continuous improvement.

We are also a full-service creative agency capable of applying the power of storytelling to ignite movements within your organization that inspire, attract, and retain top talent. As consultants and creatives we can expand our services to live events, brand strategy and content, video production, and AR/XR experiences.

we help reframe the stories in organizational and societal systems through a shift in consciousness from “ego-system to eco-system awareness.”

key shifts

meaning is guided by three core values:

what we do

Unlike a traditional ‘culture consultancy,’ we don’t just give advice, we work with you and your people to implement our findings and create measurable change through innovative, life-changing experiences. We've combined diverse expertise and areas of study to create a whole new approach.

the 5 main “meaningredients” in everything we do are:

ancient wisdom : academia : neuroscience : storytelling : love

our approach: the u-journey developed by MIT

Meaning applies “Theory U” to shift mindsets, ignite innovation, and drive lasting change.

core capabilities

whole systems change
culture and leadership transformation
vision, purpose, values, beliefs articulation
executive coaching
neuroscience-based learning and performance improvement
dynamic learning environments
diversity and inclusion

facilitator training
digital and virtual modules
transfer of competency

live events
branded content
video production
brand strategy
immersive storytelling
extended and mixed reality

Meaning Mindhacks are short form workshops, generally between 30-90 minutes, designed to ignite insights that allow participants to explore their current thought patterns around an important subject. By exploring current mindsets and their relationship to behavior and results, we can begin to reframe the stories that prevent us and our teams from reaching our fullest potential.

Individual and team mindhacks include:

why we do what we do

We are at an inflection point in human history

three disconnects currently define the 21st century:

as a consequence, we get results that nobody wants:

Meaning website walkthrough_v11_NOTES

our inner capability to transform has not kept pace with the exponential change around us.

we work with organizations, teams, and individuals to build the transformation capacities needed to solve the big, urgent challenges of our time.

the meaning project

Our research lab convening global change-makers to solve the biggest leadership challenges of our time.

We convene executive change makers across industries to explore the leadership challenges of the 21st century, and iterate rapid prototyping solutions. The Meaning Project is developed with guidance from The Presencing Institute, a non-profit research platform founded and run by MIT professor Otto Scharmer.

leaders all over the world are asking:

How do I create a thriving culture
in the face of uncertainty?

How do I attract, develop, and retain
the world’s best talent?

How do I create a thriving culture
in the face of uncertainty?

How do I lead during an ongoing crisis
such as a global pandemic?

How do I address
leadership loneliness?

How do I address the blurring line between
professional and personal issues
among the team?


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our locations

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contact us

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